The Process

After going through the details of your project with your VernCo representative, it is great to know what to expect during construction.

At VernCo Roofing, we do all we can to make your project as smooth and painless as possible. However, during the demolition and installation process, your home and your yard literally becomes a construction zone. VernCo takes great strides to avoid potential damages.


What to expect

Permit pulled by VernCo. As required by your County, VernCo will pull the necessary documentation to start your project.

Delivery of Materials. One of our partnering suppliers will be delivering the materials to your  home. Upon delivery your materials are roof-loaded. Our suppliers are professionals and experienced when disbursing the weight of the shingles across your roof.

Weather delays. Here at VernCo we are almost like a meteorologist. We are constantly looking at the weather to make sure we have an adequate time frame to complete your project. However, rain or chance of rain can delay your project. VernCo thanks you for your patience and understanding, as we want to ensure the protection of our clients’ homes and the safety of our crews. 

Protect landscaping, decks & AC units. One of our onsite Operations Managers makes sure our clients experience nothing but excellence when it comes to protecting their property during construction.

Falling Debris. Operations Managers will ensure outdoor items (i.e. patio furniture, grills, flower pots) are cleared away from harms way.   

Loud Noise. During the construction process of your roof, our crews are walking all over the roof, tearing off shingles, carrying materials where needed, and nailing shingles. Due to loud noise we suggest you and your family (including pets) find a place that you enjoy outside of your home to reside throughout the day while your project is being completed.

Driveway Access. When VernCo tears off the old shingles, we will need full access to your driveway (VernCo uses trailers on wheels NOT dumpsters, this way we ensure no damage to your driveway) to back up our trailers to throw the old shingles in. VernCo suggest that our clients park their cars on the street if they have to leave the home.

Strong vibration to the home. Vibrations from the re-roof may cause the following: pictures to fall off the walls and shelves to move. VernCo Suggest that if you have any valuable/fragile items on the walls or shelves, that they be removed and placed in a safe area.

Clean up. To make clean up easier for our crews, VernCo suggest that our clients cut their grass 1-2 days before starting the roof. Nails are one of our clients’ biggest concerns and ours. When taking off your roof we are literally taking off tens of thousands of nails. At VernCo we do our very best to make sure to pick up nails with our magnetic rollers.

Left Over Materials. One of VernCo’s project managers will pick up the remaining materials 1-2 days after your project is completed and roll your yard again with our magnetic roller, and complete a final inspection on our client’s property.